Adventure Based Courses

Adventure Based Courses are offered year round.  After the initial on-campus meeting most courses meet off-campus in a wilderness area.  Each course also includes an overnight camping experience.  There are no additional fees beyond the course registration fee.  All recreational equipment is provided.

Adventure based courses offered include:

Evergreen Valley College courses:

KINS 081 Canyoneering

KINS 081L Canyoneering Lab

KINS 082 Hiking Death Valley

KINS 087 Hiking and Backpacking

KINS 088  Rock Climbing

KINS 089  Paddle Sports - Kayak, Canoe, Paddle Board

KINS 090 Wilderness First Aid

KINS 101 Outdoor Cycling

KINS 102 Mountain Biking

KINS 104 Kayaking

KINS 106 Snowshoeing

KINS 130A Adventure Based Outdoor Recreation I

KINS 130B Adventure Based Outdoor Recreation II

KINS 130C Adventure Based Outdoor Recreation III