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Hike Paddle Ride Climb

Ohlone Summer 2017 Hiking and Kayaking Classes

Beginning Kayaking

Course Section Number          PE-383A3-01

Schedule Description  Introductory course in kayaking which will cover the basic components of proper techniques using a kayak. Overnight field experience camping may be required. Equipment will be provided.  Swimming skills not necessary.

Meeting schedule:

06/17/2017-06/17/2017 Laboratory (04) Saturday 06:00PM - 09:00PM, Epler Gymnasium, Room 9103

06/18/2017-06/18/2017 Laboratory (04) Sunday 05:00PM - 09:00PM, Swimming Pool, Room POOL

06/25/2017-06/25/2017 Laboratory (04) Sunday 08:00AM - 02:00PM, Lake Elizabeth, Room ELIZ

 07/09/2017-07/09/2017 Laboratory (04) Sunday 08:00AM - 02:00PM, Alviso Marina County Park, Room ALV

07/16/2017-07/16/2017 Laboratory (04) Sunday 08:00AM - 02:00PM, Elk Horn, Room ELKH

07/28/2017-07/30/2017 Laboratory (04) Friday, Saturday, Sunday 08:00AM - 04:00PM, High Sierra Lakes, Room HSRA

08/05/2017-08/05/2017 Laboratory (04) Saturday 06:00PM - 09:00PM, Swimming Pool, Room POOL

Beginning Hiking

Course Section Number          PE-387A3-01

Schedule Description  Introductory level hiking course.

Meeting schedule:

06/20/2017-06/22/2017 Laboratory (04) Tuesday, Thursday 06:00PM - 10:00PM, Epler Gymnasium, Room 9103

06/24/2017-06/24/2017 Laboratory (04) Saturday 08:00AM - 04:00PM, Lake Chabot Regional Park, Room LAKE

06/27/2017-06/29/2017 Laboratory (04) Tuesday, Thursday 06:00PM - 10:00PM, Mission Peak Regional Park, Room MP

07/01/2017-07/01/2017 Laboratory (04) Saturday 08:00AM - 04:00PM, Pinnacles National Park, Room PINN

07/06/2017-07/06/2017 Laboratory (04) Thursday 06:00PM - 10:00PM, Mission Peak Regional Park, Room MP

07/08/2017-07/08/2017 Laboratory (04) Saturday 08:00AM - 04:00PM, Henry Cowell State Park, Room HC

07/11/2017-07/13/2017 Laboratory (04) Tuesday, Thursday 06:00PM - 10:00PM, Mission Peak Regional Park, Room MP

Hike Paddle Ride Climb

Evergreen Valley College Summer 2017 classes

Norman Randy Pratt/

Summer 2017

KINS 087A - Hiking and Backpacking, Beg  1.00 Units

This course will introduce students to the preparation, knowledge and skills necessary for safe, enjoyable and adventurous hiking and backpacking. Students will build stamina and fitness hiking local parks and complete an overnight field experience hiking and camping in a wilderness area.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


201      Lab      TS       06:00 PM—09:25 PM 05/27/17— 05/30/17            PE107                                                  

201      Lab      MTHFSSU      08:00 AM—04:50 PM            06/01/17— 06/05/17  OFC                                                   

Note: #87893 ON-CAMPUS MEETINGS: Saturday, May 27th and Tuesday, May 30th, from 6:00pm - 9:30pm in room PE107. OFF-CAMPUS FIELD TRIP EXPERIENCE: Yosemite National Park, June 1st - June 5th , from 8:00am - 4:50pm.



202      Lab      W        06:00 PM—09:25 PM 05/31/17— 06/07/17            PE107                                                                 

202      Lab      MTWTHSU   08:00 AM—04:50 PM            06/11/17— 06/15/17  OFC                                                          

Note: # 87932 ON-CAMPUS MEETING: Wednesdays, May 31st and June 7th , from 6:00pm - 9:25pm in room PE107. OFF-CAMPUS FIELD TRIP EXPERIENCE: Zion National Park, June 11th - June 15th , from 8:00am - 4:50pm.                                                                                        

KINS 089A - Paddle Sports, Beginning  1.00 Units

The student will learn skills to kayak, canoe and/or stand-up paddle board including terminology, etiquette and local regulations, basic paddle strokes, dock launching and landing skills. Some class meetings will be held off-campus. Over-night field experience camping may be required. Equipment will be provided.          Swimming skills not necessary.                                                                      


201      Lab      S          06:00 PM—08:50 PM 06/24/17— 07/01/17            PE107                                            

201      Lab      S          08:00 AM—03:50 PM            07/08/17— 07/15/17          OFC                                                                

201      Lab      FSSU               08:00 AM—05:50 PM            07/21/17— 07/23/17  OFC                                          

Note: #87896 ON-CAMPUS MEETINGS: Saturdays, June 24th and July 1st , from 6:00pm - 8:50pm in room PE107. OFF-CAMPUS FIELD TRIP EXPERIENCE: Alviso Marina County Park, Saturday, July 8th, from 8:00am - 3:50pm; Elk Horn, Saturday, July 15th, from 8:00am - 3:50pm; High Sierra Lakes, Friday through Sunday, July 21st - July 23rd, from 8:00am - 5:50pm. Paddle Sports is a physical activity course with off campus meetings.                                                                            

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