Adventure Based Courses

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Adventure Based Courses are offered year round.  Most courses meet off-campus in wilderness areas after the first on-campus meeting and include an overnight  camping experience usually in the Lake Tahoe region or a National Park.  There are no additional fees beyond the course registration fee. Courses include use of equipment, transportation to and from off-campus destinations (when college vans are available) and all camping and park entrance fees. The following courses are currently offered:

KINS 080 Hiking and Backpacking Skills

KINS 080L Hiking Lab

KINS 081 Canyoneering

KINS 081L Canyoneering Lab

KINS 082 Hiking Death Valley

KINS 087 Hiking and Backpacking

KINS 088  Rock Climbing

KINS 089  Paddle Sports - Kayak, Canoe, Paddle Board

KINS 090 Wilderness First Aid

KINS 101 Outdoor Cycling

KINS 102 Mountain Biking

KINS 104 Kayaking

KINS 106 Snowshoeing

KINS 130A Adventure Based Outdoor Recreation I

KINS 130B Adventure Based Outdoor Recreation II

KINS 130C Adventure Based Outdoor Recreation III